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Conversational marketing, the importance of speed in responses

In real life, when we are not interested in buying something or knowing about a service, waiting is a common (and even healthy) fact. But when we are users who are browsing the Internet in search of answers and solutions, waiting drives us crazy.

Let's imagine that you are the protagonist of this little story:

Google companies that rent living rooms to organize your outdoor birthday party. You visit the first site on the list. You find different products and you like many. But the doubts begin: In what way do living room games get home? How should you return them? What happens if you break a chair?

You search the site for a panel of frequently asked questions. You click, but you solve only a few of your queries (and more appear along the way!). What you need is to talk to someone who will answer your questions, because you will not leave something as important as your birthday celebration in the hands of an incomplete site.

The only thing you find are buttons that direct you to social networks where you see photos and videos of the living rooms with influencers sitting on them, but nobody answers the messages you send via inbox. You return to the site (although this is already filling your patience) and you discover a contact form that promises to 'reply as soon as possible'.

Those are the livings you liked. You can not deny it. However, night comes and nothing appears in your inbox. You also do not receive any calls from the company. It's time to search for a plan B. You go back to Google and click on the second site that appears on the list. The tables are not so convincing, but you are willing to give them a chance.

The site has an integrated chatbot. You click and Cristina, from "Livings and co.", Offers you a cordial greeting, putting herself at your disposal for anything you want to ask. Cristina was configured to answer frequently asked questions from users immediately. The conversation you just started gives you the perception that you are talking to someone who understands you: just what you needed. You feel confident and good service without ever paying a penny.

Finally, you access a comfortable and intuitive funnel to make the purchase. You pay for the contract with your credit card and you receive a discount because it is your first time. The vouchers that Cristina promised by email quickly arrive. Issue resolved.

Days go by and it's already your birthday. A couple of hours before the guests arrive, your cell phone rings and calls an unknown number. Although you are a bit busy, you decide to attend:

‘Good morning, my name is Gustavo and I contact Alquila tu Living by a message from him that came through the contact form on our site. What I can help?'."

The story you just read makes it clear what conversational marketing is and how important speed is as one of its components. What impression do you have of “Rent your Living” and poor Gustavo?

In conversational marketing, speed is synonymous with conversion. In addition, the right tools that you integrate into your site to create a fast and secure experience will give your brand greater authority and relevance in search engines.

Read on for a tip on conversational marketing your site needs to be faster and more effective. Quiet! We won't steal a lot of your time ...

10 conversational marketing keys to increase speed and improve user experience (at the same time)

There is a saying that goes: "markets are conversations." It has a lot of truth. Thanks to technology and artificial intelligence, it is not necessary to have an entourage of your staff's employees behind a mobile phone answering questions one by one.

Here are 10 things that we think you should keep in mind to implement conversational marketing in your business:

1- Time flies! On the Internet, time measures are shorter than in life outside of devices. We can wait a few minutes in line at the supermarket, but half of the users wait no more than 3 seconds at an e-commerce site… imagine in a conversation!

2- Artificial intelligence allows the impossible: instantaneity in an answer. It enhances the characteristics of a human being to provide a quality service in record time.

3- Of course: what good is speed if the answers are not correct? The configuration of your chatbots must be robust, complete and accurate.

4- For that you need a fine UX architecture development. Before, brands focused their efforts on communicating what they believed best represented them. Now, the priority is to study and understand the user. He is the protagonist and the one who must feel contained and identified.

5- So use automation, but don't let it show. Remember that a key to conversational marketing is achieving a personalized, authentic, and human feel.

6- The speed of response will allow you to save many resources of your company and you will not be able to understand how before you wasted so much time in obsolete methods. Take advantage of those resources that are now available to capitalize on each user experience and transform it into points of improvement.

7- Conversational marketing will be a magnet for new friends and prospects… Do you have the right team to receive and serve everyone?

8- Do not forget who you are. Just because you go fast and automatic does not mean that your conversational marketing plan should not conform to your style manual and general communication strategy. Get out of what everyone does and go for a creative setup!

9- Don't lose your cunning either: take advantage of your conversations to direct to an attractive sales funnel, suggest related products and add traffic to the content of your site. Remember that everything is part of an omnichannel cycle.

10- For running, do not trip. You can get there fast and win the race only if you analyze the road, anticipate obstacles and stick to a plan of action. Detect even the smallest focus of your prospects before throwing up quick but useless answers.

If you got this far it is because you recognize the importance of what is written, for that reason, we invite you to try a chatbot with artificial intelligence + CRM + whatsapp for 30 days free of charge, click here

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