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Management of massive online events

There are just a few hours left for one of the eCommerce events of the year, Cybermonday, organized by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce.

Preparations to participate in an event of this level have a pre, during and post event, for this reason, the few hours remaining until the start of this edition count and the minute is listed on the stock market.

If you are still reading it is because you already know the benefits of participating in an event of this type, for example, boosting sales, generating new customers online, if your brand is not known, participation helps to spread the products, position the brand and the store, the right to use the Cybermonday brand on the site, resulting in a 5-fold increase in traffic.

At the end of the event, if we provide a good experience, we increase the daily traffic that we had staying one step higher

What can we check:

First, the cost structure of your products is analyzed to clearly understand what you can offer your customers? (You have to sell profitably)

What are the objectives of your strategy? increase the average ticket ?, increase the conversion ?, retain existing customers?

Review well the promos, prices and commercial agreements with suppliers, sales estimates, resupply, reserve of stock for sale in green, logistics issue

Cataloging and content, application of banners, what are they going to show? Exclusive offers for online purchases or does omnichannel come into play?

Product technical sheets, the more complete it is, the better the positioning in Google and improves the experience of the customer who will be more informed, this increases conversions

Continuing with the technical sheet, something very important for SEO is: Product name, brand, description, images / videos

Important information for the sale: price, technical characteristics, dimensions, weight, instructions / tutorials, environmental declarations, guarantees, is it a guarantee of the brand or the seller? Related products

Images for desktop and mobile, everything that the client will see when he enters the site, check list of search terms and keywords, nomenclature by product family, category tree, calls to action, review of cucardas and ribbons a implement

Does the store have a search engine? Does it auto-complete? Does it resist searching for you? Spelling mistakes and synonyms? the idea is that the visitor reaches what they are looking for in the minimum amount of clicks

Does the store include a chatbot? Does it allow customers to leave reviews?

Landing page of the event, does it have clear and clean information? We make sure you include the offer? Is the most important thing at the beginning? shows bank promotions?

Strategy and media plan, what message are we going to transmit to the client? By what means will we do it?

How do we divide the investment, what percentage before the event, percentage during the event and during the hot week?

Is it contemplated to carry out satisfaction surveys?

Performance and SEO, keys to being on the first pages of Google

Means of payment, an issue to consider daily, especially in an event like Hot Sale, did the credit card increase the rejection rate of your online store? Is there a fraud percentage?

Always show the financial cost, the amount of the fees, what is the difference with the competition?

Management tools; management and team make the difference

With what KPI are you going to monitor the event? Is there one for each section of the sales funnel?

Keys to conversion: Analyze and measure the site, where is the traffic coming from? Ask yourself questions, use tools for A / B testing and make decisions. Ease for the customer, (UX), the most relevant information always present, security seals, payment methods

Always put the most relevant information in the first scroll

Landings and microsites, specific objectives, for example, do you have a private label microsite ?, personalization of content?

Prevention; plan, estimate additional resources, implement, test, monitor and control, implement

If you got this far, surely there are things that you can improve. Do not hesitate to write us with your comments!
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