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Propensity to buy

Propensity to buy is a key concept in marketing that refers to the likelihood or tendency of an individual to make a purchase based on their behavior, preferences, and characteristics.

It is based on analyzing historical patterns and current data to predict how likely a potential customer is to take a specific buying action in the future.

Using advanced algorithms and data analytics, the Predictive Marketing platform predicts the likelihood that a specific customer will make a purchase. This gives you the ability to address individual needs with messages and offers that resonate perfectly.

The Buyer Persona module from Pleasepoint does these calculations for you. How can I read the propensity to buy matrix?

Each row in the matrix is a feature. Each column is a cluster of customers. Every customer is in one cluster and only one cluster. The color of the cell indicates the propensity. The more intense the blue, the greater the propensity. Gray indicates zero propensity.

By using propensity to buy, marketers can assess the degree of interest and conversion probability of a potential customer. This allows you to customize marketing strategies for specific segments and direct efforts towards those with a high probability of buying.

Propensity to buy has become a fundamental tool for adapting marketing and eCommerce strategies to the individual preferences of customers. Its ability to predict future behaviors from historical data allows brands to provide highly personalized and relevant experiences, which in turn leads to increased conversion, retention, and customer satisfaction.

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