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Which platform is suitable for my ecommerce?

If I am going to enter the world of Electronic Commerce, first of all it must be evaluated on what type of platform I am going to set up my Online Store.

First of all, what is the scale of my business? Are there platforms on the market that meet my needs or do I require custom development? Let's focus on the first option.

The recommended thing is a platform that provides SaaS service, (software as a service), I contract the software with additional services, hence its name. I am not the owner of the code, but I must see it as a benefit, since I am not the one who has to invest in development, updates, servers and technology or infrastructure, I only pay a monthly subscription and dedicate myself to the daily tasks of my business.

SaaS service providers rely on the cloud to support their platforms, providing a lot of security, they can increase or decrease the number of servers according to need, generating savings of more than 70% in maintenance costs, all advantages.

What features cannot be missing from the platform you choose?

It must be scalable, when my business grows, I will need more features than those I used at the beginning of my operation

Must allow integrations

Mobility concept


Dynamic catalog

Internationalization, perhaps, in the beginning, my online store sells locally, then my operation can be regional or global

Payment methods

Advanced search engine

Editable layout

Administrative metrics and reports

Offer customization


Marketing tools, coupons for promotions

Integration with marketplaces

Flexibility at checkout

The list is not exhaustive, but it serves as an example to have an idea to evaluate alternatives.

So, which platform to choose? My recommendation can be seen here

Do not stop contacting me with all your questions!
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