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      Salesforce is a company that offers cloud-based software to help other organizations find more leads, improve their negotiations and sales, and surprise end users with excellent service.


Salesforce improves collaboration and work between different teams. Your company may use a single Customer 360 application or many may be combined. And optimizing team communications and productivity is critical to driving business success.

Remove any barriers between marketing and sales

With the Marketing Cloud app, you can send personalized messages to specific profiles of prospects, right where they're most likely to interact. When customers click on your website or ad, your sales team will receive an automated message informing you of the lead.


Share more information to close more sales

Sales Cloud gives the entire sales team good visibility and sharing of all relevant customer data. That way, reps have everything they need to get a deal done. In addition, artificial intelligence-based alerts indicate the right moment to take negotiations to the next level.

Make customer service the cornerstone of your success

If your support team has all the information they need on hand, you can truly delight and wow customers. And, by using a model that takes advantage of the "swarm of cases" at the enterprise level, important problems will be resolved much sooner.

Let yourself be guided by the data

Tableau data analytics generate an automatic alert when an issue with a new service or a key or outlier trend is detected. And easy-to-use dashboards make it simple to look at, so anyone can dig deeper into the data and take action.

Salesforce Customer 360 brings your teams closer together in a single interface

Our complete product solution includes apps for every step of the customer journey, from acquisition to loyalty. Plus, everything works in perfect harmony on a single platform. Regardless of the size of your company or your sector, we have a solution perfectly adapted to your needs.

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