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DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION requires data analysis.

Empower your company with the software that revolutionized the world of BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE.

Tableau help people see and understand their data.
Connect to a data on-premises or in the cloud.
Whether it's big data, SQL databases, spreadsheets, or cloud applications like Google Analytics and Salesforce.
Access to a diverse data and combine them without writing code.
Get information quickly.
With real-time visual analytics, data exploration knows no bounds. Interactive dashboards help uncover hidden information instantly.
Tableau takes advantage of people's natural ability to quickly spot visual patterns.
Quickly perform powerful calculations from existing data, drag and drop baselines and forecasts, and review statistical summaries.

Ask new questions, spot trends, identify opportunities, and make
DATA-DRIVEN decisions with confidence.

One of the trends is that companies begin to understand and take advantage of the data collected, discovering the stories that allow them to lower costs, predict behaviors and optimize actions. 

On the other hand, BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE experts will continue to be the most demanded profiles, be sure to visit our section training at all levels of use of the Tableau tool. 

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